Friday, November 19, 2010

Must try these soon! ~ 11.19.10

So I'm trying to go to bed but my tummy is being tempted by all the wonderful little goodies out there in the bloggity world! Too many yummy foods being made and so as to not annoy Mr. Crafty in the morning when he comes down to finalize his line-up for the day... I need to close out some windows. I thought I'd put all the foods I'm thinking of right here for YOU to salivate over all day.

I saved this recipe in my files last year and never got around to making it, but I think I really must make it for the teachers at school. I try and remember them often and thank them with little treats: Cinnamon Bun Caramel Corn

She had me at pumpkin- I think I'm adventurous enough to try this ingredient in just about anything, okay, maybe not, but Pumpkin Chili sounds delightful! I always use ground turkey anymore, but I have all of the ingredients on her list and they're just waiting to be put together in my slow cooker for a quick meal THIS week!

This is so fun and after the huge success of the mini-candy coated apples, I think this will knock the kid's socks right off! Apple "nachos" are simple enough for a fun after school celebratory snack!

I have a go-to Sloppy Joe recipe, but I'm reconsidering it (it's a bit on the sweet side and a bit time consuming) and think I'll give this one a whirl. Love the addition of cinnamon in it! Plus this blog looks so fun, I must browse around it sometime!

And none of the above would have happened if I hadn't been hunting down this recipe for Chipotle Chicken Taco Salad (actually, I just want the dressing recipe).

Now, off to bed with dreams of all things foodie!

BONUS: I just saw this one on my sidebar and after my encounter with the amazing Rice Pudding at the Greek Festival this summer, I think I really would like to try making Portuguese Rice Pudding. mmmm... I can almost taste it! Would have NEVER thought I'd like rice pudding until it was introduced to me with the flavor of cinnamon. HOOKED!

And I made a recipe of Pumpkin Nutella bread this weekend- it was yummy! Be on the lookout for that recipe soon!

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