Sunday, October 25, 2009

Frightening Food! ~ 10.25.09

It's really hard for me to fathom that October is nearly over- which means Halloween is nearly here! EEKS!

I think we have all our costumes.... but Commander Fox and Chewbacca may need a little tweaking. In fact we will, as I'm typing this I'm awaiting the lady on craigslist to tell me if a Darth Vader costume is available. The seven year old has changed his mind... again. lovely.

But these precious little mummy dogs make me smile. Here's how you can make them- visit here!

Last year, we made mummy pizzas. English Muffins with sauce and mozzarella cheese. My kids do not like olives, but my husband does, so it was okay to open a jar just for decorational purposes. I've been using this simple pizza sauce recipe lately and really love it! So EASY to make!

When you serve your kids food like this... they may just make super scary faces at you while you take their picture.... oooooo..... very scary!

So this is usually what they eat for Halloween... simple food that is fast and KID-Friendly.

To find out what I will be eating for All Hallow's Eve... you'll need to check back later this week!


  1. The mummy pizzas are such a great idea! The super scary face adds a nice touch too ;-)

  2. Cute "scary" food! We always end up eating a big bowl of minestrone w/ meatballs. Mainly b/c I can use meatballs that I've made and frozen earlier in the month, and my kids are bean-freaks, so they'll get something fast and healthy before the candy binge. I make "ghost toast," too -- used a ghost cookie cutter on toast, then melted a slice of provolone (or swiss) on top. I like the eyeballs-on-pizzas, though, and may have to do that this year!

  3. Oh my goodness, my kids would love those mummy hotdogs. I can totally see my little boy unwrapping his mummy.... So cute!