Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Taco Salad Our Way

Tacos are a regular on our menu rotation but sometimes you just have to change things up a bit. We're big fans of this little number. It AMAZES me what I can tuck into this salad and still have my kids eat. I owe it all to the Ranch and Taco Sauce combo for the dressing. This couldn't get simpler folks. Just assemble all these ingredients, put out little bowls and have your kids pick and choose what to put in their salad and do it yourself. Either way, you're sure to enjoy taco night reinvented!

Here are a few choices: greated colby cheese, avocado, corn, grape tomatoes, Romaine lettuce : the oranges did NOT go into this salad but were part of a well balanced meal

Also, I had already cooked up my taco meat earlier in the day so this was a quicker dinner. I just use a homemade taco seasoning- check out pinterest for lots of choices there!

Step 1: prep your greens
wash them and cut or tear; throw them in a pretty bowl

Step 2: Grate your cheese
always. I don't care how fast I want dinner to happen, with the exception of mozzarella, I always grate my cheese or have one of my 4 sous chefs grate it
(BTW, that grater is from Pampered Chef and I love it!)

Step 3: Throw the veggies on and start the dressin'
Here I opted for Mom's choice of what goes in the salad.
Then I drizzled with my FAVORITE ranch dressing, Bolthouse Farms Classic Ranch
Than drizzled that with Taco Sauce, medium please.

Step 4: Eat!
Sorry for the blurry picture, I was HUNGRY!

other topping variations: black beans, salsa, edamame

What would you put on your taco salad?

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  1. Looks sooo good! I think I will be getting that cheese grater at a certain upcoming Pampered Chef party! :)